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Commitment to Health, Safety and Environment - HSE

What is HSE?

HSE is a term associated with industrial safety, occupational health and environmental issues relating to business activities. HSE activities deal with these issues in a systematic and effective manner, reducing risks to the maximum possible extent and enhancing the value of the corporation. They must be managed in a comprehensive and collective manner. HSE Management System (HSEMS) is a mechanism by which a corporation is shaped. The Group's HSE Policy and HSEMS, both initially introduced by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in 1997, were revised during 2001 in line with the Group's strategic objectives. New HSEMS Guidelines were also introduced to ensure that health, safety and environmental considerations were firmly embedded in the day-to-day operations of the Company.

Recognizing the importance of this activity from an early stage, ADNOC has, in cooperation with its group companies, devoted care and attention to this initiative. Abu Dhabi is one of the areas in the Gulf region where HSE related activities are zealously implemented.

ADOC's Efforts

In keeping with ADNOC's introduction of HSEMS, ADOC commenced HSE activities by creating our own HSEMS manual in accordance with the ADNOC guidelines; we have been aggressively promoting HSE activities in accordance with this manual. We have set up the HSE Committee in order to implement and promote all aspects of HSE. The committee's activities include;

  • Enforcing the Codes of Practice (CoP) proposed by ADNOC to spell out all aspects of HSE activities.
  • Carrying out a survey of the possible impact of business projects including existing facilities on HSEIA (HSE Impact Assessment).
  • Participation in HSEMS – related workshops etc.
    In conjunction with the above, the HSE Committee is also engaged in a variety of other activities, which include;
  • Formulating HSE education and training programs which are provided in accordance with the employee's work experience or position.
  • Conducting HSE patrols that are designed to enhance on-site HSE management.
  • Carrying out emergency drills.
  • Submitting applications in the ADNOC Annual HSE Award program, which recognizes outstanding achievements in HSE activities.

We will continue to actively carry out HSE activities, to improve our industrial safety and health policies/ practices and environmental protection. This will be reflected in the day-to-day running of our Company.

ADNOC HSE Awards Program

In the HSE Performance & Leadership category of the ADNOC HSE Awards, which are conferred on companies under the supervision of ADNOC, we received the top award for companies: the HSE Performance Award.
This award is given to the company that has performed the best HSE (health, safety, and environment) activities during the year, and this was our first time to receive the award. HSE encompasses and integrates safety and security activities, environmental conservation/protection activities, and occupational health.
The award ceremony took place at 7:30-9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21 2015 in the Grand Ballroom of the InterContinental Hotel Abu Dhabi.

The ADNOC HSE Awards Program is aimed at sharing various success stories, information, etc. concerning all aspects of HSE and further enhancing morals and technologies in the HSE field. The program covers companies under the supervision of ADNOC, including ADNOC Group companies as well as independent companies and contractors like ourselves. It was launched in 1997 and this year was its 18th year. The awards span nine fields in four categories. Based on the results of our HSE activities, we actively submit entries to the HSE Awards Program, and up to now, we have received the awards listed below, and because our overall HSE activities have earned high marks, we believe the top award given to us to be extremely worthwhile. The excellent achievements of our HSE activities are highly regarded by ADNOC and its group of companies.
Going forward, we will remain to be proactive in engaging in HSE activities, and while endeavoring to improve occupational health and safety, we will continue to emphasize environmental conservation and environmental protection in our operations.

HSE Awards received

  1. The Supreme Winner of the 2000 HSE Awards for our Sour Gas Injection Project
  2. The Runner-up for the 2002 HSE Awards in the Environment category, for our Implementation of Tank Gas Recovery Project
  3. The Runner-up for the 2003 HSE Awards in the Health category, for Improving of Working Environment inside Process Vessel, etc. (Spot Cooler)
  4. The Winner of the 2004 HSE Awards in the Health category, for our Heat Stress Prevention
  5. Special Recognition Award of the 2005 HSE Awards in the Health category, for our Management of Asbestos for Reducing Occupational Health Risks
  6. Special Recognition Award of the 2006 HSE Awards in the Health category, for our Improved Method for Cleaning Compressor in Gas Turbine Power Generator
  7. Partnership Award of the 2006 HSE Awards for our Installation of Artificial Fish Reef
  8. The Runner-up for the 2007 HSE Awards in the Safety category
  9. The Winner of the 2008 HSE Awards in the Environment category, for our Installation of Solar Panels on the Roof of our Office
  10. Special Recognition Award of the 2011 HSE Awards for our Marine Ecology Regeneration and Breeding off Mubarraz Island
  11. Partnership Award of the 2012 HSE Awards for our Marine Organism Breeding
  12. Special Recognition Award of the 2013 HSE Awards for our Offshore/Well Testing in Zones Designated for Environmental Protection
  13. HSE Performance Award of the 2014 HSE Awards in the HSE Performance & Leadership category given to companies that conducted the best HSE activities

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