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AR Site Terminal

AR Site Terminal is located north of Mubarraz Island, and a causeway provides onshore access from Mubarraz Island to Site Terminal. The crude oil produced from the production wells at the Umm Al-Anbar and Neewat Al-Ghalan Fields is gathered at Site Terminal through the pipeline network. Once the associated gas is separated at the multi-staged separators, the crude oil is then transported to Mubarraz Island through the trunk line.

Separated gas at Site Terminal is compressed and injected into the reservoirs to enhance the oil recovery. Various gas-processing equipment such as sweet and sour gas injection facilities, sweet and sour gas compressors, gas dehydration units and gas sweetening unit are installed at the Terminal, and are operated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Hail Site Terminal

The Hail Site Terminal is located south of Mubarraz Island, and is the name of an artificial island constructed more or less in the center of the Hail Oil Field. This artificial island features production well, water-discharge well and cuttings injection well, a fluid measurement facility for the entire Hale Oil Field and each well, a chemical injection facility, an electrical room, a control room for various instrumentation devices, and a fire-fighting facility. Fluids produced in the Hail Oil Field (oil, groundwater, and gas) are sent to Mubarraz Island for processing.

Mubarraz Island

The crude oil from the Mubarraz, Umm Al-Anbar, and Neewat Al-Ghalan Fields is gathered at Mubarraz Island through pipelines. On Mubarraz Island, there are processing facilities to refine the crude oil into the final crude product and loading facilities for shipment.

The island has the facility to treat separated gas and waste water. Almost all of the gas is recovered without flaring and is then utilized as a fuel for the generators or transported to Site Terminal for injection. All waste water is injected into the underground formation through a disposal well eliminating any discharge into the sea.

Mubarraz Island also has a residential facility accommodating approximately 300 personnel, together with sports and recreational facilities which include a soccer ground, tennis courts and a golf course.

Central Facilities Platform(CEF)

A Central Facilities Platform (CFP) is located in the center of the Mubarraz Field. The crude oil from the production wells at the Mubarraz Field is gathered at the CFP through sub-sea pipelines and is transported to the final processing facilities at Mubarraz Island. The CFP is equipped with gas and water separators as well as power-generating facilities. Additional platforms are interconnected by bridges, which consists of a CFP control-room (CCR) platform, a living-quarter platform and BB well platform. On the CCR platform, production and injection well monitoring and controlling apparatuses are installed. The living-quarter platform includes an accommodation, a helipad and other residential facilities. On the BB well platform, production and disposal wells are located and separated water at the CFP is injected into the underground formation through the disposal well.

The Rig

The rig is used for drilling new well or workover of existing wells. ADOC is using a jackup type offshore rig designed for operating in shallow water, which is commonly utilized in the Arabian Gulf. The rig consists of a barge-shaped hull and is equipped with derrick and special devices for drilling and workover operation, with three cylindrical legs. The jackup rig is towed to a location with its legs up, and the legs are firmly positioned on the sea bottom at the site for workover or drilling operation.

The rig was selected to meet these requirements; that periodical workover is necessary for all wells in the Mubarraz Field because they are all completed with electrical submersible pumps (ESP), that in Umm Al-Anbar and Neewet Al-Ghalan Fields, the rig must be towed through the narrow and shallow channels to access the wellsite, and that not only workover but also drilling is required to maintain and increase oil production in all the fields.

Production Platform


Fields Introduction

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■Mubarraz control Room (MCR)
■Mubarraz Island Processing Facilities
■Crude Oil Storage Tanks
■Power-Generating Facilities
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■Work Boat
■The Mubarraz Fire Brigade
■Tanker at Single Point Mooring (SPM)
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