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Concession Areas

A concession is a right to explore, develop and produce oil, and a concession area is an area where these operations are conducted. All of the concession areas that ADOC holds are located offshore Abu Dhabi, in the Arabian Gulf.
Our concession areas A and B were jointly acquired by Maruzen Oil Co., Ltd., Daikyo Oil Co., Ltd. (now Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.), and Nippon Mining Co., Ltd. (now JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation).
In 1967, the late Sheikh Zayed, the former ruler of Abu Dhabi, signed a concession agreement with the three companies, which in 1968 established ADOC. We discovered oil in the concession area, which we refer to as the Mubarraz Oil Field. This oil field has continued to produce oil since 1973. Thereafter We entered into a supplementary agreement which granted us a new concession in the West Mubarraz area,offshore Mubarraz Island. Umm Al-Anbar Oil Field,(AR), and the Neewat Al-Ghalan Oil Field,(GA), of the new concession area, started oil production in 1989 and 1995,respectively.
In 2012, we renewed concessions for 30 years for the three existing oil fields, and also obtained a concession for Hail, a new concession area where oil had been discovered but not yet extracted. Hail is close to the existing oil fields and is about the same size as them.
Production in the Hail Oil Field began in 2017, and crude oil produced from the four oil fields is commingled together and the commingled oil was given the name of "Mubarraz Crude oil," the production of which has been regularly shipped to Japan.

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