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Our Businesses

Our company is in charge of the following businesses in Cosmo Energy Group.

  • □ Safe marine transportation for various oil products
  • □ Ship's agent for domestic vessels/ocean-going vessels
  • □ Loading Master/Stevedore for cargo handling

Marine transportation of various oil products

We commission the orders of marine transportation for various oil product from COSMO OIL Co., Ltd, then provide safe and efficient service for all customers (in JAPAN).

Number of Vessels in our fleet (As of 18th May 2023)

Vessel Type
Number of Vessel
Clean Oil (Gasoline, Kerosene, Gas oil etc..)
28 ships
Black Oil (AFO, CFO etc..)
14 ships
3 ships
LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)
4 ships
LUB (Lubricating oil)
2 ships
51 ships

Handling Volume (in 2022)

Vessel Type
Transport Volume
Clean Oil (Gasoline, Kerosene, Gas oil etc..)
9,260 thousand KL
Black Oil (AFO, CFO etc..)
3,601 thousand KL
270 thousand ton
LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)
287 thousand ton
LUB (Lubricating oil)
98 thousand KL

Ship Agency Business

In Yokkaichi Refinery of Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd., we provide safer service by consistently supporting the following services.

  • □ Port entry and close procedures for ocean-going vessels (importing/exporting crude oil and petroleum products, etc.) and domestic vessels (delivery of petroleum products to various parts of Japan)
  • □ Cargo handling at pier, also voucher the letter of agreement about cargo quantity

Number of Vessels for cargo handling (in 2022)

Vessel Type
Number of Vessel
Ocean-going vessel
138 ships
Domestic vessel
Flatwater vessel
2,597 ships
Coastal vessel
2,725 ships

Hazard prevention and cargo handling support related to crude oil carrier cargo handling, SBM daily maintenance and inspection work

We support hazard prevention and safe cargo handling for crude oil carrier cargo handling imported to Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Yokkaichi Refinery by our managed workboat in Yokkaichi.
Also we perform the maintenance and inspection work at SBM, which is the junction point between crude oil carriers and refineries.

Our Fleet Vessels

Head Office

Vessel's name Ise Maru
Type Oil carrier (Clean oil and Chemical)
Gross Ton 3,799 GT
L×B×D 104.60 m × 16.00 m × 8.30 m
Vessel's name Atsuta Maru
Type Asphalt carrier
Gross Ton 749 GT
L×B×D 69.97 m × 11.50 m × 4.60 m


Vessel's name Suwa Maru
Type Tugboat (general working boat)
Gross Ton 166 GT
L×B×D 31.25 m × 9.00 m × 3.80 m
Vessel's name Tsubaki Maru
Type Oil recovery boat (general working boat)
Gross Ton 127 GT
L×B×D 28.50 m × 8.00 m × 3.50 m
Vessel's name Kasuga Maru
Type Fire fighting boat (general working boat)
Gross Ton 191 GT
L×B×D 33.40 m × 9.60 m × 4.00 m

Our Other Fleet Vessels

Vessel's name Hakuryu
Type Fire fighting and oil recovery boat
Gross Ton 157 GT
L×B×D 28.80 m × 13.60 m × 3.50 m
Vessel's name No.2 Iris
Type Ferry
Gross Ton 422 GT
L×B×D 42.65 m × 13.00 m × 5.50 m